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Denver Broncos COULD go 9-1 to Finish the Season

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Broncos could go 9-1 to finish season


The Denver Broncos return from the bye week today with the toughest part of their schedule behind them. They should be favored in nine of their last ten games but in the NFL this season, that doesn’t seem to matter. For example in Sundays’ games, nine of the eleven were decided by a touchdown or less. If the Broncos are going to do the things that most think they can do over the last ten games, then they are going to have to clean some things up. The schedule is “easier” but as we’ve seen anyone can beat anyone else in this league.

The biggest thing the Broncos have to do in the second-half of the season is getting off to better starts. Anyone who has watched the Broncos understands that they cannot continue to fall behind by 20 points, and expect to come back each and every week. We’ve seen how much better this defense is when they play with a lead, just imagine if they could jump out to a 10 or 14 point lead?

Making predictions in the NFL these days is like trying to forecast the weather in Colorado, almost impossible. However, I am going to give it a shot and I am going to tell you why the Broncos can go 9-1 in the last 10. Now having said that they will probably go 5-5 and miss the playoffs, but a 9-1 finish is more likely than 5-5. Don’t believe me? Here’s a game by game look at the last 10, and why the Broncos can win every single one of them.

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New Orleans Saints


The Broncos open their post bye-week schedule with the New Orleans Saints at home. This is a dangerous game because the Saints can and will score points, but their defense is terrible. Peyton Manning is playing very well and if the Broncos get off to a good start, they should be able to outscore the Saints at home. 38-34 Broncos.

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Cincinnati Bengals


the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals were thought to be one of the better teams in the AFC but have lost three in a row, and don’t look like a very good team right now. Quarterback, Andy Dalton had a solid rookie season but his limitations are showing now. 27-23 Broncos.

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Carolina Panthers

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The Broncos then face the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. Much like the Bengals, the Panthers were a popular pick at the start of the season but are now a mess. Newton is playing terrible and his teammates are not playing much better. The only scary part of this game is some of the players are going to be very motivated to beat John Fox, their former coach. 28-21 Broncos.

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San Diego Chargers

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Manning and company return home to face the San Diego Chargers in a rematch of last Monday night’s game. The Chargers melted down and lost to the Broncos at home, it’s difficult to think that they are going to walk into Denver and win. Phillip Rivers does play well in Denver, but so does Manning. 34-17 Broncos.

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Kansas City Chiefs


The Broncos head to Missouri to take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the first of their two meetings. This is normally a tough place to play for anyone, but the Chiefs are a bad football team. Division road games are always dangerous but the Broncos are just too good for the Chiefs. 31-20 Broncos.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers make a rare trip to Denver and they bring an average offense and a terrible defense to the Mile High City. That’s a bad combination if you are facing an offense that is putting up a lot of points, and the Broncos will put up a lot more versus the Bucs. 37-17 Broncos.

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Oakland Raiders


Then comes a dangerous game when the Broncos face the Oakland Raiders in Oakland. The only reason this is a scary game is because it is on a Thursday night, and the Broncos have to travel. It won’t be the blow out that the game in Denver was but the Broncos are better than the Raiders, and pull away late. 24-14 Broncos.

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Baltimore Ravens


Now comes the game that I believe could bite the Broncos. They travel to Maryland to take on the Baltimore Ravens. This has always been a loss in my forecasts but now I’m not so sure. The Ravens are so beat up with Ray Lewis and other defensive starters being out for the season. However the Ravens will probably need this game more than the Broncos, so that’s the difference. 23-20 Ravens.

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Cleveland Browns

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The Broncos return home for their final two games of the season, starting with a visit from the Cleveland Browns. The Browns are playing better than their record but they won’t compete with the Broncos. The Browns defense will keep it close for awhile but Manning gets hot in the second-half. 28-10 Broncos.

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Kansas City Chiefs


The season concludes with a visit from the Chiefs who the Broncos blew out in Kansas City. There will not be a repeat of last season’s finale when the Chiefs came into Denver and won. I am almost positive that the Broncos will score more than three points in this one. 35-10 Broncos.

If everything I just wrote plays out, the Broncos would finish 12-4 and win the AFC West in a landslide. The chances are the Broncos will lose a couple of games that they probably should not lose, but I do firmly believe that if they continue to get better then the Broncos CAN win every game remaining on their schedule. The toughest game is probably the one this coming Sunday versus the Saints, they get that one and then anything is possible. Keep in mind that 9 wins probably wins this division and the Broncos get to nine, easy!

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