Jacksonville Jaguars Offense Finds Way To Regress With Chad Henne At Quarterback

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Henne
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

I did not think the Jacksonville Jaguars offense could possibly be any worse then it already was, but then quarterback Blaine Gabbert got injured, and Chad Henne happened.

After looking impressive in one and a half quarters of work and spotting the Jaguars a 14 point lead over the Oakland Raiders, Gabbert was forced to exit with a left shoulder injury that he suffered on a play in which the Raiders defense was offside. In fact, Gabbert looked downright efficient on Sunday. He completed 8 of his 12 pass attempts for 110 yards and a long touchdown pass to his favorite target, Cecil Shorts.

The injury to Gabbert forced Henne into his first significant action as the Jaguars quarterback, and he failed miserably.

For weeks, as the Jaguars offense struggled to find its footing with Gabbert under center, fans had foolishly been suggesting that playing Henne was the answer to what ailed the Jaguars offense. Unfortunately, those fans got a glimpse of what the Miami Dolphins already knew about Henne, he just is not that good.

One of the things a good backup quarterback should be able to do is protect a 14-point lead. A good backup quarterback should also look like he has a basic command of the offense. On Sunday, Henne did not do either.

With Henne under center, the Jaguars offense managed to only get two first downs in the second half. Henne did absolutely nothing that scared a bad Raiders defense, who committed almost all of their resources to shutting down the Jaguars ground game in the second half.

In the end, Henne finished completing only 9 of his 20 pass attempts for 71 yards and was sacked three times.

The Jaguars are still unsure of how long Gabbert’s shoulder injury will keep him out of the lineup, but one thing is abundantly clear following Sunday’s loss. The Jaguars offense is significantly worse with Henne under center.

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