New York Jets: 2012 Turning Into Wasted Season For Tim Tebow

By Timothy Holland

The 2012 NFL season is slowly turning into a waste for New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. He is a man without a position trying to be a jack of all trades. Unfortunately, Tebow is not too good at one thing and average at others.

When he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010, it was believed that Tebow would get a chance to play quarterback. If he failed the Broncos might try him at another position such as tight end or fullback. It did not matter that Tebow hadn’t played either. The feeling was he is such a good football player that the best thing to do was get him on the field somewhere.

The truth is Tebow’s best position happens to be quarterback. The Broncos found this out when he replaced Kyle Orton in 2011 and led them to the AFC West title. Tebow pulled off comeback after comeback all of the way to a 9-7 record. In the wildcard game, he threw a touchdown pass on the first play from scrimmage in overtime to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This was not enough for Denver to keep Tebow. The team signed veteran free agent Peyton Manning and let Tebow go to the Jets.

New York has said that they will use Tebow at a number of positions including quarterback. So far he has played quarterback, fullback, wide receiver, tight end and blocking back on punt coverage. All of this is a waste of time. He is a quarterback or nothing. The best thing any team could do with Tebow is teach him how to play the position. If he fails, so be it. He’s not going to help them anywhere else.

Tebow is what the young, pro quarterback used to be. If he had come along in the 1970’s or 80’s whoever drafted him would have given him time to develop. College quarterbacks did not throw the football nearly as much then. It was believed that a quarterback needed five years to learn the NFL game.

With the recent success of men like Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh, the New York Giants Eli Manning and Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons it is now believed that a quarterback can be successful quickly in the NFL. Thus, a quarterback like Tebow will not be given the same chance to develop as he once would. Teams and fans do not want to wait five years to develop any player. They want to win today.

So a quarterback who sacrificed his game in college to win as Tebow did at the University of Florida comes into the NFL having a lot to learn. In Tebow’s case it is almost everything from footwork to throwing mechanics.

With the Jets, Tebow will not get a chance to do this. His 2012 season will be wasted running out of the wildcat formation and being used as a Jack of all trades. If he ever wants to become a good quarterback, Tebow does not have time to waste.

Unfortunately, he may be on the way to wasting an entire season of it.

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