Part 2: Dallas Cowboys Have No Trust

By Ben Grimaldi
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There is always two sides to every story and that is truly the case with the Dallas Cowboys. I gave Cowboys fans the night to enjoy the win, which you should do because there were some positive from the game against the Carolina Panthers, but today comes a does of reality. The reality is the Dallas Cowboys lack trust. From the top of the organization, right on down to the coaches and players.

Why else would Jerry Jones feel the need to have his own radio appearances every week and talk about players injuries and breakdown what happens with his team? Do any other GM’s have radio shows that you know of? And speaking of GM’s, why is Jerry Jones the General Manager of the team he owns when no other person in any other sport operates this way? It’s because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it, not even his own son Stephen Jones, who is a much better football person that he is.

However, talking about Jerry Jones and being the GM of the team is a waste of time because is unlikely to change but this is more about the lack of trust within the Cowboys. Yesterday we saw it all over the field. I remember Jason Garrett stating last week if the penalties continue to be a problem players would be losing playing time. Well what happened yesterday when Doug Free got a false start that helped stall a drive early in the game? He played the entire game and Garrett never replaced him.

It could have been the perfect time to replace Free and see what Jeremy Parnell can do. Free is the better player but it’s not exactly like he’s been the best right tackle in the league! If you don’t believe in Parnell then why did you extend his contract this off-season and why is he on the team? Garrett didn’t pull the trigger on replacing Free because he doesn’t trust Parnell to do the job. And I’m not saying he had to take out Free for the game, but a series on the bench to get his message across could have done wonders for Garrett. He could have backed up his threat of sitting players for penalties but that didn’t happen.

It’s not just average players like Doug Free this applies to either because Jay Ratliff should have been taken out after his ridiculous personal foul penalty too. It was worse that Ratliff did it in the fourth quarter, the most important time in the game where the Cowboys seem to self destruct and there’s Ratliff with terrible judgement. He’s one of the Cowboys best players and a leader so pulling him from the game would have surely made a statement but Garrett failed to do so. To make matters even worse Josh Brent has played very well this season and had a great game yesterday so the Cowboys wouldn’t have lost much by yanking Ratliff for Brent.

If Jason Garrett doesn’t start acting on some of his words, the Cowboys players may lose faith in him as a coach. Players need to believe what the coach is telling them and trust in what he says. Yesterday, Garrett had the opportunity to act of some of the messages he’s been sending his team but he failed to do so and his threats now ring hollow.

The biggest evidence we saw that Garrett and the coaching staff have no trust in the team was when the Cowboys ran it on 3rd and 9 in the fourth quarter, down by one point. Yes, a field goal gives you the lead but there was still a boat load of time left and I don’t know anyone who felt good about settling for the field goal in that situation. Didn’t Garrett learn last week not to rely on field goals? It worked out in the end but what if the officials call pass interference on Morris Claiborne on the 4th and 2 because it sure looked like they could have.

The call to run the ball in that situation shows a complete lack of trust all around. It shows no trust in your offense’s ability to avoid a mistake or a bad penalty to force a longer field goal. At first I thought is was just about the lack of trust in Tony Romo (which I’ll get to), but it actually applies to the entire offense. There is no trust the wide receivers won’t run the wrong route or even catch the ball, no trust the offensive line won’t get a penalty and certainly no trust in your quarterback to make the right decision.

To me, the worst part of the play call was is showed no trust in your quarterback, who played well yesterday. Remember, last year Garrett’s lack of trust in Romo probably cost the Cowboys wins against the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals. This season it may have cost a win in Baltimore last week and the Cowboys were fortunate to get a win yesterday against the Panthers. For those of you keeping track, that’s a record of 1-3 when Garrett loses trust in his quarterback.

If your head coach, an offensive minded head coach, loses belief in his quarterback, your team is in trouble. It appears to me as if Garrett doesn’t trust his quarterback to make the right decisions in key situations and if that’s the case, the Cowboys should move on from Tony Romo. Don’t listen to anything you hear from Garrett in the coming days about his trust in Romo but his actions say otherwise. I’ll believe when I see him put his trust back in his quarterback’s hands in a critical situation, not just when he needs a comeback.

It’s nice that Garrett and Rob Ryan had trust in the defense to hold the Panthers at the end of the game because it’s about the only trust showed all game yesterday by the Dallas Cowboys.

This column may have more questions that answers but I do know one thing, the Dallas Cowboys organization lacks trust and that is a big problem.

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