Patriots Fans Spoiled? Tom Brady Thinks So

By Trisity Miller

After a 29-26 victory over the New York Jets in overtime by the New England Patriots in yet another game where they’ve squandered a lead and haven’t been able to put the opponent away, Pats quarterback Tom Brady spoke on how fans have become spoiled over the past years.

“”Well, we’re trying to do it,” he said. “I don’t think you just flip a switch. I wish it were that easy, and maybe there were times when it did look that easy. “Maybe we just spoiled some people in the meantime because it’s hard to win, man. It’s hard to win.”

News flash ladies and gentlemen. He’s exactly right. Last week Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie called the Pats “America’s Team”. That quotes on the same path as Brady’s.

Since the beginning of the century or the arrival of Tom Brady, this team has been very successful. Five Super Bowl appearances, 3 Super Bowl victories, an undefeated season, 6 12+ win seasons and countless other awards or accolades that showered over this team. This team is now held to the same expectations the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Lakers are held to: it’s championship or bust every season.

As fans, we’re used to running up the score on opponents who aren’t of or near the same quality. And when a game is tight and we need a score to either hold off a team or a 4th quarter drive to win the game, there was no question that the Golden Boy would come through and deliver.

It’s early in the season so it’s no definite that the fans will begin to panic and despite the “pretty” wins we are used to, the Pats are still number one in the league in points per game and total offense. This is just something we as fans are used to. But like I said, it’s too early to hit the panic button, but as fans we expect much better. We’ll see what the Patriots bring to the table on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

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