San Diego Chargers Under Investigation For Banned Substance

By Anthony Blake
San Diego Chargers equipment
Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

As if things needed to get any worse for the San Diego Chargers, the NFL is now reportedly investigating the club for using a sticky substance during their epic collapse against the Denver Broncos.

While it didn’t seem like the performance enhancer really helped the squad all that much during that contest, the fact remains that Stickum has been outlawed for years and if found to have used it, the Bolts may face some heavy penalties from the league.

The organization released a statement about the issue saying: “We are aware of the inquiry and are cooperating fully with the League.” While at least that is somewhat encouraging considering the way the New Orleans Saints handled the bounty situation this offseason, this is a serious violation.

If found guilty, some suspect that the team would be subject to punishment similar to if not even more severe than that which the Saints received. Heavy fines or the loss of draft picks could be a part of the sentence handed down if the league determines that they did, in fact, violate the rules.

Where the incident occurred supposedly was during a timeout when an equipment manager came running out onto the field with an illegal substance on towels. Line judge Jeff Bergman saw the ordeal and tried to confiscate the item in question. When the Bolts’ equipment manager wouldn’t surrender the goods, the officials went undercover police on him and forced him to empty his pockets. That search yielded a clear or skin-colored type of tape.

This is certainly embarrassing for a team that has just blown two double-digit leads in back-to-back weeks. Maybe fans can take solace in the fact that part of the punishment for the Saints bounty allegations was that they lose their coach for a season. If the Chargers were forced to dump Norv Turner for the year, maybe things could turn around after all.

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