When will Jake Locker really return for the Titans?

By Stephanie Umek
Matt Hasselbeck against Bills
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

After being out for three weeks, Jake Locker is starting to show some real signs of his shoulder improving. There is a slight chance that he could play this coming Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. He has taken light practices this past week, but after winning two games straight do the Tennessee Titans really want to ruin what they have going?

Don’t get me wrong, Locker is still a very good quarterback, but with the way that Matt Hasselbeck has been playing you would hate to mess up any kind of system that he has going right now with his offense. Look, he even got Chris Johnson to run for well over 100 yards, and that was just in the first half of the game.

Johnson ended up with 195 yards receiving during the game. He was practically the only player that Hasselbeck saw all afternoon. Considering the Titans season so far, that sentence alone is impressive in itself. Tennessee is the worst defense in the NFL when it comes to giving up points, which aside from last week, they have given up 30 or more every game.

I really think that Hasselbeck will make the start against the Colts. I don’t see why they organization would risk trying to fix something that is not broken. Locker has his whole career in front of him and Hasselbeck clearly still has what it takes to play. Not to mention the fact of how maturely the veteran quarterback took to the back burner when Locker was named the starter.

I would like to see Locker in the game as soon as possible, and I think it’s great that his shoulder is healing, but for the sake of the Titans season, it might be the safest bet to keep Hasselbeck in for a few more games. It would also give Locker some more time to make 100 percent sure that his shoulder is healthy.

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