2013 NFL Draft: Tyler Eifert Would Be An Easy Call For Chicago Bears

By Randy Holt

As well as the Chicago Bears have been playing of late, it’s hard to find a weakness. However, they are still there, though not as obvious as they’ve been at times over the course of the past couple of seasons.

One of the bigger needs for this team is the tight end position. The Bears have plenty of bodies at the position, but no one who can actually be utilized as a weapon on offense. Between Kellen DavisKyle Adams, and Matt Spaeth, there really isn’t anyone who has separated himself from the others.

Davis has shown a couple of flashes of being decent. His incredible size should make him an asset, but he can’t catch a football. Spaeth is a very useful player, but only as a blocker. Adams is decent, but nothing special.

Despite the lack of a weapon at the tight end spot, which would provide a nice outlet for Jay Cutler when he’s running for his life, the Bears have done little to even consider upgrading the spot. The opportunity may present itself at the 2013 NFL Draft in April, though.

Tyler Eifert is looking like he will easily be the first tight end in the draft. He’s been an offensive force for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish the past two seasons, and could do the same for the Bears.

However, Eifert’s numbers aren’t as impressive this season, mostly due to a lack of success on offense for the Irish. He’s one of the best receivers in the history of the school, and could head for the NFL as the best tight end from a university that has produced quite a few strong ones.

His 2011 season was much better statistically, as he had over 800 yards receiving on the season. Poor quarterback play will lead to him not being able to follow up those numbers, but we’ve seen enough from Eifert to show that he could be a top notch tight end in the National Football League.

The first tool is his size. He’s a monster, standing 6’6″ and over 250 pounds. He’s also a very good blocker, with his great hands making him the total package. With the way tight ends have become such an effective weapon in the NFL, Eifert will go quickly. The only question is whether or not he’ll still be on the board when the Bears are ready to make their selection.

If the season progresses the way it has so far, the Bears will be picking in at least the latter end of the first round. Tight ends don’t typically go earlier than that, but given Eifert’s skill level, could he go in the top of the first round? If he’s available anywhere near where the Bears are picking, they need to make the move to add him.

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