Ben Roethlisberger Should Keep Comments on Play Calling to Himself


Prior to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 24-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday night, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger mentioned that Pittsburgh has lacked big plays in their offense as of late, and said that it was because of the “dink-and-dunk” approach of offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Roethlisberger definitely does have the arm to make big plays down the field, and has proven that he can make big plays throughout his nine-year NFL career. Unfortunately, so far this season the Steelers haven’t been in the position to make big plays on a consistent basis.

Injuries to Pittsburgh’s offensive line and running backs have stymied the running game. As a result, Haley has resorted to short passes to compensate for the lack of production on the ground.

I know that I’ve said that Big Ben is hands down the team’s most valuable player, and I stand by that. However, I do feel that Roethlisberger’s comments about the play calling aren’t necessary.

It’s comments like this that can have players rebel against coaches when things aren’t going well. Roethlisberger is the face of the franchise, and sets the example for the other players. If fellow teammates hear him saying things of this nature about the coaching staff to the public, then they’ll think that it’s all right for them to do the same, which will cause drama.

I think that Big Ben just needs to show some patience, and not bring any negative attention to the team. It looks as if Pittsburgh is finally beginning to head in the right direction offensively. The Steelers’ running game was resurrected against the Bengals, and should only get better once Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman are fully healthy.

It will be at this time that Big Ben will have more chances to go deep to wide receivers Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown in their offensive attack.

So my advise to Big Ben: Be quiet and just keep playing.

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