Can Rookie Davon House Lift the Green Bay Packers Secondary?

By marisawolfe
Jeff Curry – US Presswire


As I try to type through my tears over the Charles Woodson injury, I do recall that, while one man went down on the Green Bay Packers defense Sunday, another one made his NFL debut. Rookie cornerback Davon House saw playing time for the first game this season after suffering a shoulder injury in the first preseason game. I’ve actually been waiting all season for to see House play and am excited for his future.

The Green Bay Packers coaching staff has been sky-high on this kid since the moment they drafted him, and the rookie was making a surprising push for the starting job opposite Tramon Williams before he was sidelined with a shoulder subluxation (our Word of the Day: it means a partial dislocation). Before the injury, House appeared to have edged out third-year cornerback Sam Shields and seven-year cornerback and special teams ace Jarrett Bush. (God help us all if Jarrett Bush becomes the starter. Any Packer fan knows that when Bush is in the game on defense, you might as well just resign yourself to undefended touchdown passes and stupid personal foul penalties.) With Woodson’s injury, House’s return comes at an opportune time, giving the secondary one more player to rotate in the game.

Now playing with a shoulder harness, House got to see the field for the first time last Sunday. He had a couple of tackles and a pass defended, but one game is obviously not enough to get too firm an impression. Unfortunately for House, he will have to wear the harness all season long, which will seriously hamper his flexibility and ability to fully extend his body. The physical restraint of the harness makes me a bit nervous to see how House will do in one-on-one coverage against the more potent offenses in the league, but I still have a lot of hope for this guy. With the injuries piling up for the Packers, House’s return is something of a relief. I expect some growing pains for him in his first few weeks, but I can’t help but be a little excited at his potential for helping the Packer defense avoid last season’s numbers.



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