Cleveland Browns: The End of Another Failed Regime

By Ryan Ruiz


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A few hours ago, Mike Holmgren gave his farewell speech in Berea, Oh. The Big Show’s record unofficially ends at 10-29 with a .340 winning percentage. Is there another football life after the Cleveland Browns for Holmgren?

When Holmgren took over as President three years ago, he caught a franchise in serious disarray. Despite not wanting to hear it, he told Browns fans that it was going to take time to rebuild the organization. Patience is what he calmly preached. Was 39 games enough time? Holmgren brought in Tom Heckert as the General Manager and draft guru. It is completely safe to say that the Browns have had much better drafts in the recent years. However, success in the NFL is measured by one thing and one thing only, wins.

Speaking at his press conference today, Holmgren didn’t regret anything and continued to say that the team is super close, “I honestly feel that there are good times ahead, soon. My heart breaks for those guys.” Listening to the normality in his voice, you couldn’t help but wonder if he even felt accountable or had any sadness for the best fans in the world.

Holmgren made a strong pitch for Pat Shurmur and Heckert saying, “Jimmy knows what I feel about them. I don’t think you can get a better GM than Tom Heckert. Pat is a bright young coach. I believe in him.” Shurmur is currently 5-18 in two seasons as an NFL head coach.

After it was all said and done, the theme of his forty-five minute press conference was about how close the Browns are. Like my grandfather used to preach to me, close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Though a few building blocks are in place, time has ran out on the 64 year old.

As loyal Browns fans we shouldn’t feel bad for him either. Not once did he mention the great fans of the beloved Browns that put up with him for the past three years. That in itself was very shocking. The bottom line is he had a job that paid him a ton of money to do and he didn’t do it. Everyone is tired of his excuses.

There are nine games left in the once promising 2012 season. Expect this to be the last we hear of Holmgren. As he stated near the end of his press conference, he and his wife can “go to somewhere warm and enjoy little drinks with umbrellas in them”. Have fun with that Mike.

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