Indianapolis Colts: Could Reggie Wayne Win MVP for NFL This Season?

By Eric Smith
Thomas J. Russo-US PRESSWIRE

If I was asked whether I thought Reggie Wayne would be the best wide receiver this season, I would have said absolutely no way. I probably wouldn’t have even ranked him in the top 10. Most people would have said Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Roddy White would be tops in the league. No one would have thought Wayne, who’s in his 12th season, would put up the numbers he has after six games.

Wayne is coming off of one of his worst seasons in the NFL after only scoring two touchdowns last season. This year, he not only lost Peyton Manning, but he has a rookie quarterback throwing to him. He also doesn’t have any other big named receivers playing alongside him to give him single coverage at times. No longer is Marvin Harrison or Pierre Garcon lining up opposite of Wayne.

This year, it’s been Wayne, Donnie Avery and two rookie wideouts. Mix in two rookie tight ends and Wayne has more experience than any other weapons combined. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that stopping the Colts should be easy. Double and sometimes triple cover Wayne if you have to and force the rookies to beat you.

That’s exactly what teams are doing, but Wayne is still having a career year.

Wayne added another 73 yards on six receptions to his total on the season in the Indianapolis Colts 17-13 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and was the key reason to why this team may make the playoffs this year.

Wayne leads the NFL in yards per reception, yards per game and targets. He’s doing everything he can to get open and give rookie Andrew Luck comfort to find his veteran receiver. If Wayne wasn’t on this team, the Colts probably would still be winless right now.

Many continue to give Luck all the credit and that’s a strong argument, but Wayne is the real reason this team is so effective. He’s won all of his battles each week and almost has 700 yards already this season. Last year was his first year since 2003 when he didn’t reach 1,000 yards receiving. If he stays healthy, he should do that really soon this year.

Wayne, has now caught at least one pass in 102 straight regular season games and is a sure bet to keep that going this week against the Tennessee Titans. He has more catches through six games this year than he has in any part of his career so far.

Not only is Wayne in the talk as the best receiver in the NFL this year, but he should be in consideration for MVP. Take Wayne off this team and they’re nowhere near this good. Isn’t that the definition of a most valuable player?

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