NFL Rumors: Are the Denver Broncos Better Without Tracy Porter?

By Joe Morrone
Stew Milne-US Presswire

The last time we saw the Denver Broncos, they were completing one of the great comebacks in team history. They scored 35 straight points in the second half to erase a 24-0 deficit, and won the game 35-24. The talk in the days following the win over the San Diego Chargers was focused on Peyton Manning and the offense, and rightfully so. However the effort of the Broncos defense in the second half cannot be overlooked, particularly the play of the secondary.

The secondary played their best game versus the Chargers and did it without starting cornerback, Tracy Porter. Chris Harris and Tony Carter were tremendous in place of Porter and the question has to be asked, are the Broncos better with Harris and Carter? Other than the interception versus the Pittsburgh Steelers that put the game away, Porter’s play has been spotty at best. The book on Porter has always been, he will make a big play but he will also give up a big play. Through the first five games that he has played, Porter has given up far more big plays than he has made.

The evidence supporting Harris and Carter is hard to overlook, they were all over the Charger receivers all night and combined for four interceptions. It’s true that the Chargers are not the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons, but they still have Phillip Rivers and an above average passing game in the NFL. In addition to the interceptions, Harris and Carter were active against the running game and the entire defense just looked more aggressive with those two in the lineup.

Porter still has a big role on the Broncos and will probably remain the starter, but Harris and Carter are going to continue to play a lot. The results speak for themselves, the Denver Bronco’s secondary played their best game versus the Chargers and that cannot be ignored. With the New Orleans Saints coming to town on Sunday night, everyone in the secondary better be ready to play.

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