NFL Rumors: Could Mario Williams Have Wrist Surgery?

Mark J. Rebilas – US PRESSWIRE

2012 has not been a kind year for Mario Williams on the football field. Sure, the defensive end got one heck of a payday from the Buffalo Bills but his play on the field has been dismal. It could get even worse as some NFL rumors say that the defensive end could have wrist surgery in the coming weeks.

Williams, the Buffalo Bills pass-rusher and record-holder for the NFL‘s richest defensive contract, is considering surgery on his injured left wrist while the team is on its bye, the Buffalo News has learned.

Williams is tied for 32nd in sacks, but he is getting paid to lead the league.  That is not good production and it is part of the reason why the Bills are struggling as much as they are.  They have some talent but the defense is an absolute joke.  Williams has been invisible and this certainly will not help in the long run.

If Williams does have the surgery, it might help him this season but I would expect the impact to come in 2013.  He is going to have to impress in the future in order to justify the amount of money that he is getting paid.  You need to record some sacks if you are going to get paid like one of the best players in all of football.

Then again, this does sum up the luck of Bills fans.  They get a nice shiny defensive end and he ends up being totally ineffective.  Just another day in the life.


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