NFL Rumors: Is Jim Schwartz on the Hot Seat?

By Christopher Gamble

There are some NFL rumors starting to make the rounds about Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and his job security.  The Lions, after making the playoffs last season, are off to a 2-4 start after losing to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football in Week 7.

The Lions offense, which looked ready to build on an offensive breakout from last season, has generally sputtered this year.  Matthew Stafford has yet to hook up with Calvin Johnson on a touchdown pass.  In fact, Stafford only has five touchdown passes all year after Ryan Broyles caught a Stafford pass with less than forty-five seconds to go in the 13-7 loss to the Bears.

The Lions had a tumultuous off-season with several of their players getting arrested and just a lot of negative news that overshadowed the hope that should have been what kept Lions fans going this past summer.

That hope is gone now, or is quickly fading for those who are stubborn in the Motor City.  The offense is clearly in need of a jumpstart.  The running game has been, well, do the Detroit Lions have a running game right now?  The play calling has been suspect, as evidenced by the fact that when Charles Tillman was out of the game for a single play after being helped off the field, the Lions chose to run the football instead of attacking a potentially vulnerable Bears secondary.

Of course a lot of Detroit’s problems come from the players not being able to execute.  Dropped passes, shoddy pass protection, and a defense that breaks at the wrong times.  However, there is ultimately one man who is responsible for these gaffes being allowed to repeat themselves week after week.

Kevin Smith, Detroit’s veteran running back, has been a healthy scratch for the past couple of weeks.  The Bears exploited Detroit’s inexperienced running backs, recovering two fumbles in the red zone one on the goal line by Joique Bell.

Schwartz’s decision to go with Stefan Logan, Bell, and Mikel Leshoure over Smith is just puzzling.  In 590 carries, Smith has only fumbled 6 times.  Leshoure has 4 in only 185 carries.

The Lions locker room is an absolute joke and Schwartz has allowed that situation to incubate.  His team’s behavior shouldn’t be tolerated if the Lions are winning, let alone when they are 2-4 in a season where the Lions were expected to build upon last season’s success.

Instead of building upon that success, Schwartz and the Lions have come up short time and time again this season.  The Lions very well could have handed the Bears their second loss of the season and the Lions could have potentially turned the season around.  Instead, the Lions have missed their chance and their season is hanging in the balance at the moment.  If the team doesn’t respond to Schwartz soon it might be necessary for Detroit to look elsewhere for leadership.

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