NFL Rumors: Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Blaine Gabbert Wants To Play Despite Injury

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Blaine Gabbert

The Jacksonville Jaguars got bad news on Tuesday about the injury their starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert suffered on Sunday to his non-throwing shoulder.

Most assumed that suffering a torn labrum would keep Gabbert out for a significant amount of time, but according to rumors he wants to play this Sunday against the Green Bay Packers if doctors will clear him to.

A torn labrum requires surgery to repair, but since it is torn there is no more damage that Gabbert can do to his shoulder. If the injury was in his throwing shoulder, he obviously would not be able to throw a football, but since the injury is in his non-throwing shoulder he could technically still play if he can find a way to manage the pain.

Gabbert did play on Sunday after he suffered the injury, but he only handed the ball off before he was removed for backup Chad Henne.

Gabbert’s willingness to play despite being injured suggests that he knows how important this season is in terms of his future with the Jaguars franchise. The Jaguars are currently 1-5 and may be looking at having a new front office and coaching staff next season, and the first major decision the new regime would have to make is whether or not to proceed with Gabbert as their quarterback.

To this point Gabbert has not shown anything that would inspire confidence in his future as a franchise quarterback, so the last ten games of this season may be his last chance to show he is capable.

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