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NFL Rumors: San Diego Chargers May Have Used Sticky Substance During Denver Broncos Game

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Christopher Hanewinckel – US Presswire

There have been many NFL Rumors that the San Diego Chargers used a sticky substance on their receivers’ hands to help them make catches in a recent Monday Night Football game against the Denver Broncos. The Chargers led the game 24-0 at the half but collapsed in the second half and lost 35-24.

The NFL is reviewing this case to see if indeed the Chargers did use a sticky substance or not, but it doesn’t matter whether they did or didn’t because the Chargers played so awful in the second half that an unfair advantage probably wouldn’t have helped them anyway. The Broncos also played so well during their historic comeback that it wouldn’t have mattered if the Chargers were cheating or not.

Reportedly, the line judge referee saw the equipment manager handing out the sticky substance in towels during a time out. When the line judge asked the manager for the substance he refused to give it up and then the referees forced him to empty his pockets and that’s when they saw the gunk.

If the NFL proves that the Chargers did use a banned substance then the Chargers could face consequences. The penalty for this kind of illegal action could be a large fine and possibly the loss of draft picks. The Chargers are going into their bye week so the NFL has time to make a good decision. This may seem like the longest bye week ever for the Chargers.


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