San Diego Chargers: Norv Turner denies cheating allegations

By Jeremy Meyer

A report by FOX Sports senior writer Jay Glazer on Sunday has caused all kind of problems for the San Diego Chargers organization and today, the Chargers head coach Norv Turner stepped in front of the podium today to address the media for the first time since the allegations broke that the team has been accused of using a sticky substance known as Stickum in the team’s loss to the Denver Broncos on Monday night.

“Nobody from the San Diego Chargers used Stickum in the game on Monday night against the Denver Broncos. Nobody in this organization has used Stickum in any game. The questions that have been asked by the league involve a towel that has been used by this organization for over ten years. It’s been used by a lot of teams in this league. The towel is used to dry the balls, the gloves the players use and their arms. The league is looking into the towel and that’s about where we’re at.” Turner said in his opening statement.

Reports including my reporter also discussed something about some kind of tape that was found by the referee the moment that he made the equipment manager empty his pockets and found it.  Turner, did not want to discuss this allegations or gain more information about the specifics.

“That’s not what the NFL is asking us about. If you start believing everything you read, you’re going to be chasing a lot of wrong stories.”

Turner was also asked again about reports that the equipment guy in question initially refused to hand over the towel. This, was also the big reason why the officials asked the manager to remove everything from his pockets and thats when they found some kind of tape as discussed previously.

“Don’t believe everything you read. What we’re telling you is how this thing was handled. I don’t believe anyone refused to turn over any material. The official came over to me and talked to us. You’re making a lot bigger deal of something that happened during the game.”

The thing is if this supposed towel was such a big deal and considered illegal for the team to use. Why, was this not made public before and why the officials were not previously aware of the towel if its use is so wide spread.

“It has been asked about in the past. In fact one of the officials in the past said that he thought it would be a good thing for him to use to dry his gloves when he is playing golf, according to the equipment guys.”

The NFL and its professional teams, have news and business coming out at all times and working on building the best possible team on and off the field. But, normally, the bye week is like a vacation for the team as well as the reporters, whose job is to keep up with the team and what goes on. This bye week has been busy for everyone and how is the allegations affecting the players?

“This bye week with our group; we’ve got a great room in there. I do not think the guys in that room [the locker room] care about the things you’re talking about. I think they care about getting ready for the Cleveland Browns. They are focusing on the things we have to do to get better. It has not been a distraction for me. Obviously I’m taking the 15 minutes to discuss it with you. Our attention has been number one, getting guys healthy. I think the bye week is coming at a good time for us there. Number two, getting ready to play on the road against Cleveland in Cleveland.”

The Chargers, returned to practice today to get ready to take the field against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and will keep working on improving on the early season mistakes.

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