Aaron Rodgers Is Still Motivated By A College Professor Who Doubted Him

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We have seen in the last two weeks that you do not want to anger Aaron Rodgers. When the Green Bay Packers quarterback ends up playing angry, it is a bad thing for opposing defenses. Rodgers uses a lot of things to motivate him but one of the long standing motivations is the doubt he faced from a former college professor.

To get to the best part of the story, she’s looking at me, condescending, talking down to me. And she says, “What do you want to do with yourself?”

I said, “I want to play in the NFL.”

She laughed. She LAUGHED at me. It wasn’t like just a funny laugh, it was a condescending laugh and she said, “You’ll never make it. You’ll get hurt. You’ll need your education, and you’re not gonna make it through school here.”

I said, “OK”, I said, “I don’t agree with any of that.”

I just want to tell that teacher right now today, thank you for adding to that chip on my shoulder, and I hope you are a fan.

That is some Michael Jordan stuff right there.  Remember when MJ used any slight he could to push himself forward.  It seems that Rodgers is cut from the same cloth.  Athletes often have to make up slights in order to give themselves that extra push.  It may seem strange but angry athletes are not people you want to play against.

As a Packers fan, I want to shake this professor’s hand.  You just gave us a great QB.