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New York Giants Have Become NFL’s Biggest Loudmouths


Does anyone hear that? The constant whining and verbal shots by the New York Giants? Jeez, it’s been so loud this season you’d think they were a bunch of six year olds who just had their ball stolen.

Earlier this year it was coach Tom Coughlin acting like a baby when Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano played to the whistle and tried to you know, win the game. I’m ok with what Schiano did because don’t we always teach our kids to never give up? I see nothing wrong with playing to the end of the game.

I’m also fine with Coughlin not being happy with the way it all went down and wanting to protect his players. However, Coughlin was completely out of line with the way he chastised Schiano on the field. You don’t ever attack another person, let alone a coach like that in public. Coughlin could have shaken his hand, walked away and spoke to Schiano privately afterwards but he didn’t do that. He chose to stomp his feet, whine and make a spectacle of the entire situation.

Then there was Victor Cruz, who likes to celebrate every touchdown by doing the salsa dance. It’s fun and cool, until someone tries to mock Cruz and imitate it, then it’s not so cool anymore. Cruz says he does it to praise his deceased grandmother, which I have no problem with. However if you’re going to do that dance when you make a play, there is nothing wrong with another player mocking you when they make a play against your team. If it’s disrespectful, then you shouldn’t be doing it yourself. I’m sure there are other ways to honor your grandmother, perhaps by just taking a knee when you score. It’s simple, if you don’t want to be mocked, don’t do the dance yourself. If you continue to do the dance then it’s fair game for everyone else.

And of course there’s always Marty B, Martellus Bennett, who has something to say each week. It’s usually about his former team, the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo. Today he continued his childish ways on Good Day New York, where he attempted to throw a football but when it bounced Bennett said “kinda looked like Tony Romo throwing that ball.” It was the latest in a number of jabs hurled Romo’s way by Bennett since he’s joined the Giants.

Finally, there was Justin Tuck today talking about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who famously said in training camp the Cowboys were going to beat the Giants you know what, when they visited Cowboys Stadium. Tuck said on a conference call with the Cowboys media today, “If he wants to put on a jersey and line up, I’ll welcome that. But I don’t think Jerry is going to be doing any kicking of my posterior.”

Obviously that isn’t going to happen Justin, Jerry is a 70-year old man for goodness sake but his team did beat yours on opening night. It is amazing how much the Giants are talking about that comment, especially since they did nothing about it when played Dallas the first time around.

And please spare me the talk about Jerry Jones and his mouth, because he’s a guy who talks too much for attention and everyone knows it. Besides, don’t opposing teams and fans hate Jones for opening his mouth so much and laugh at him because of it? By responding to Jones, the Giants and Tuck are no better.

I’m sorry but what a bunch of loudmouths and cry babies the New York Gaints are. They are a very good team which make the reasons for acting this way even more puzzling?

The good news is we get a game on Sunday, and the next nine Sunday’s after that to find which team is better. It’s clear right now that it’s the Giants but you wouldn’t know it by their petty behavior.

Ok, put the whine and cheese away, rant over.

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