New York Giants' Martellus Bennett Takes Another Dig At Tony Romo

By jason evans

I guess you can’t have a week where the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys will play without a little smack talk from one side to the other. Today,  it was Martellus Bennett’s turn to take another shot at Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.

Bennett was on Good Day in New York today. One anchor threw the ball to another across the set and the ball bounced which let Bennett to say “Kinda looked like Tony Romo throwing that ball.” When he was asked to clarify himself, he repeated it.

Now we all know that Bennett did exactly leave the Cowboys on the greatest of terms. He thought he should have been used more than he actually was throughout his time in Dallas.

In his short time as a New York Giant, Bennett has shown some of the skills that the Cowboys thought he had coming out of college. Bennett has 25 catches for 305 yards and three touchdowns. His progress slowed after having a knee injury, but he rebounded with a five reception for 79 yard performance after only having five combined catches in the previous three games.

Might he have just said it in jest? Maybe. However, probably not the best time to say something about a team that came in to your house and beat you in the season opener back in September.

Giants vs Cowboys has enough juice as it is. Bennett is just adding fuel to that fire. Come Sunday, we’ll see if he can back it up.

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