NFL Rumors: Are The New York Giants Headed Towards A Roster Crunch?

By jason evans
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Giants may be in a little bit of a roster crunch in the upcoming weeks. Yes in the NFL things change week to week and anytime you think you have depth you suddenly don’t, however, the Giants may be in a unique position where they may have too many guys.

First of all, Will Hill is a couple weeks back from returning from his four game adderall suspension. It coincided with Tyler Sash coming off his suspension for the same drug so it worked out then, however it may not work out in a couple of weeks. Of course, this depends on the health of Kenny Phillips, however, the fact that they didn’t put him on short-term IR proves he may be back within a couple of weeks.

The second problem is what to do with Travis Beckum. Beckum has been taken off the PUP list and has begun practicing with the team this week. They now have three weeks to figure out whether or not to activate him or leave him on IR. They would drop a tight end to replace him, however who would you drop?

You wouldn’t cut Martellus Bennett. Adrien Robinson is a raw rookie that the Giants love, so it would be an odd move to cut him. That leaves Bear Pascoe who is the blocker type, who just caught his first touchdown pass in the regular season in his career this year. Could they go that route? It would probably be the most likely scenario if all are healthy.

You have to give credit to Jerry Reese for giving the Giants so much depth. In a couple of weeks, there’s a chance they might have too much of it.

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