NFL Week 8: Is this the Biggest Week Yet for the Titans?

By Stephanie Umek
Nate Washington against Buffalo Bills
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

After starting the season the way they did the Tennessee Titans should be very satisfied with the way the last two weeks have played out. However, they cannot get comfortable yet. Week eight in the NFL will be the biggest week for the Titans yet.

After last week’s game against the Buffalo Bills the Titans are flying high, but they need to be back down on the ground, much like Chris Johnson running for 195 yards on Sunday. Johnson was nominated for the NFL FedEx Ground “Player of the Week”.

Matt Hasselbeck also had a good game, and though there is no time table for Jake Locker to return (Hasselbeck will be in the pocket again against the Indianapolis Colts), the team is still sticking with Locker.

There are other players that have also made back-to-back wins possible, and they have not really been mentioned. How about the performances of Steve Hutchinson, or Mike Roos. The Titans offensive line has always been the stronger of the team’s two lines, but if these guys were not providing the blocks that they are, forget about getting any good running game going.

I know it is probably something that people say, well they have been in the league for how long now, they should know better. Still, the fact that they consistently are able to provide protection is excellent and necessary to win games. Period.

With the Colts next on the schedule, the competition for the second and third spots in the AFC South heat up. Tune in tomorrow for my preview on why the game against the Colts is the most important of the season so far.

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