Randall Cobb Proves He Will Be A Star in the NFL

By Kevin Van Pelt

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When drafted in 2011, Randall Cobb was thought of as only a return man for the Green Bay Packers and not as a wide receiver. The Packers already have one of the best groups of receivers in the league so the thought was that there would be no room for Cobb on the roster. During his first game of his rookie season last year, Cobb took the opening kickoff for a touchdown with a dazzling 108-yard return that showed the Packers organization and the fans that they had an electrifying player.

After that great return, the season was pretty quiet for the rookie. He didn’t have any more kick return touchdowns, but did however return a punt for an 80-yard touchdown. As for his year as a receiver, that was also a quiet year. Cobb didn’t get much of a chance to get on the field and be part of a record-breaking season for the Packers passing game and ended the season with 25 catches for 375 yards and one touchdown.

Entering the 2012 season, Cobb was expected to have pretty much the same role with the team that he had during his rookie season. He is the primary kick and punt returner, but this season would see a little more playing time as a slot receiver splitting time with James Jones and less time being given to Donald Driver. However, just like the case with many players in the NFL, Cobb has gotten a big opportunity earlier than he expected with the injury to the Packers star wide receiver Greg Jennings.

For the past three weeks, Cobb has become the number two target for Aaron Rodgers and he has not disappointed anyone so far. In those three games, Cobb has 19 catches for 273 yards and three touchdowns. We all know that Cobb had the speed and electricity to be a great receiver with the ball in his hands, but now he is proving that he is an excellent route runner and has the chemistry needed with Rodgers to be successful. Rodgers has completed 86 percent of his passes thrown to Cobb this season which is an outstanding number considering Cobb is a very young receiver.

Through the first seven games of the season, Cobb already has more catches this season (37) then he did all of last season (25). The absence of Jennings was thought to be a big deal for the Packers and their offense, especially after the team struggled a bit early on to find consistency. Now with Cobb easily fitting in and proving his worth with the team, it puts a bigger question on whether or not Jennings will get re-signed by the Packers. Cobb has shown in a short amount of time that he is the real deal and can play at the top level. Jennings as also proved that he is the top receiver on the Packers; however, he has been injury prone in the past few seasons which will make the Packers take a harder look at him.

No matter what happens with Jennings, the Packers have a top-notch receiver in Cobb who looks to be part of the future with the organization. He has all of the talent and discipline to play Packer football and should be a favorite target of Rodgers for years to come.


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