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NFL Oakland Raiders

Tamba Hali Calls Oakland Raiders “Dirty”


John Rieger- US Presswire

The Oakland Raidersdirty?

According to the Kansas City Chief’s pass-rusher, Tamba Hali, the Raiders play a dirty game.

Hali spoke to reporters and told them, “They come in, they cheap shot, they hit you. I’m not saying any names.”

It is hard to determine if the Raiders are in fact a dirty team, just because they are a team that gets quite a few penalties, does not mean they are the “bad boys” of the NFL.

This all may be Hali just trying to hype a game up between two of the weakest teams in the NFL, but now the ball is in the Raider’s court as far as awaiting a reply. These are two division rivals, Hali has made it clear that he does not like the way that the Raiders play, so will a “rough around the edges” player like Richard Seymour respond to the claims by Hali?

The Raiders (2-4) have won three of the last four games they have played against the Chiefs, so one could imagine Hali would not just make a bold statement of a team being dirty, without pointing out that he might have a little bit of a chip on his shoulder.

The Chiefs (1-5) will need Brady Quinn to be on the mark for the Chiefs to have a chance against a defense that has been beyond inconstant. The Raiders will have their hands full trying to stop Jamal Charles the running game, so the matchup to watch is the front seven of the Raiders against the third best rushing team in the league.

Fans will have to wait and see how ugly things get between these two division rivals, and all eyes will be looking for foul play.