Towel maker issues statement regarding the San Diego Chargers cheating scandal

By Jeremy Meyer
Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

The newest scandal to rock the NFL and its teams has now been given a title and more information is coming into newsrooms all over the US. The problem is no longer about this sticky substance called stickum. The new reports are blaming everything on a towel that has been used by the team for years.

The NFL is continuing to investigate whether the San Diego Chargers were using a sticky substance that most of the media world has believed to be a product known as Stickum.

The product in question was used by the NFL before but according to reports has been banned by the league for years. Chargers coach Norv Turner said his players weren’t using Stickum but were just using a type of towel that the Chargers have used for years. However, Turner did not specify what kind of towel in his press conference on Monday.

“There is but I’m not going to get into it. I don’t need to help anyone in terms of marketing their product.”

It was not until this morning that the media found out that the scandal/allegations were all about a specific unknown towel the team had used and the companies president of gorilla gold came forward.

Now the towel-making company Gorilla Gold has come forward to say the Chargers were using its Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer towels, which use “all-natural resins” to improve the grips of athletes in many sports. Gorilla Gold says its products leave no residue on the football and are not against the rules.

Patrick Dugan, president of Gorilla Gold, estimated that, at one point years ago, about 70 percent of NFL teams used the company’s towel, which emits a wax-based material that carries a tackifying element similar to a glove, repelling moisture and improving grip.

“In regards to the recent NFL controversy involving Norv Turner and the San Diego Chargers,” the company said in a statement, “they were not the first, nor are they the only team or players to use Gorilla Gold. It has been in use by many teams including the CFL for over ten years on the field, on the sideline, and in the training room.”

“Grip enhancer”. Sounds like an adhesive. Natural resins. Sounds like adhesive. Bathe your hands in all natural pine resin, that must be legal too. No word yet as to what was in the container in the trainers pockets that he didn’t want to turn over. Why go through getting searched if everything in your pockets was legal?

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