Warren Moon Believes Criticism of Cam Newton is Race Related

By gilgerard
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Warren Moon is hitting the news again, this time defending Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton’s play while saying the criticism is race related.

Moon is quoted saying, “I heard somebody compare him to Vince Young. It’s the same old crap — it’s always a comparison of one black to another black. I get tired of it. I get tired of defending it.”

Moon further went on to say, “If you want to compare him to someone because of his demeanor, compare him to Jay Cutler. There are a lot of guys who whine and moan. Cam’s not biting anybody’s head off or pushing his linemen (as the Bears quarterback did during a Week 2 loss to the Panthers). He’s just disgruntled, and not handling losing well, because, think about it, he basically didn’t lose in college.”

First of all, wow. Second of all, pathetic. Third of all, go cry Mr. Moon. What, because Cam Newton is African American he can’t take criticism of being a struggling NFL QB? Last year, Cam was allowed to run around celebrating TD’s with that stupid superman celebration. This year, he’s been pathetic, sulks like a spoiled baby (per Steve Smith), and Moon wants to run around holding his hand protecting him. The only reason it’s race related is because YOU Mr. Moon have made it that way. Tell your QB to start acting like a leader on the field. Tell him to stop airmailing WR’s. Tell him to make better decisions. If he does all those things, I’m sure he won’t be criticized.

I love how Moon can criticize Jay Cutler, who gets beaten like a rug every game. Should I run around and say- oh Moon is saying that because Cutler is white? Give me a break. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he coms off as a bitter retired NFL star that wants his name back in the paper.

I could care less what Cam Newton is in terms of race. Cam Newton has been awful this year and deserves all the criticism in the world. Grow up and be a professional.


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