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Bill Romanowski Offers his Unique Views on Peyton Manning


Former Denver Broncos linebacker, Bill Romanowski has lost his mind! Ok, he actually lost his mind many years ago but he took it to another level on Thursday when he appeared as a guest on 102.3 ESPN Radio in Denver. Romanowski who is a regular guest on the station every Monday asked to come on Thursday because he had a theory on Peyton Manning. This is where it gets strange!

Romanowski said that he’s been thinking about the slow starts of the Broncos and has figured out what is going on. Keep in mind that I am paraphrasing because trying to quote him would hurt my brain. His theory is that Manning, sub-consciously, is allowing the Broncos to fall behind. That way Manning can prove to himself that he can lead the team back; therefore proving to himself and others that he is back from his injury. His basic point is that the games are a mirror image of Manning’s rehab and until Manning admits that he is completely healthy, then the Broncos will continue to follow this pattern. Wait, it gets better!

Romanowski also said that Manning has too much control of the Broncos and until John Fox takes the team back from him, they are never going to win big. He also believes that Fox has to get back to what he believes, which he says is running the football. Romanowski said that the Broncos have to run the ball 55-60% of the time in order to be a winning football team. Former Bronco center Tom Nalen, now a co-host with Les Shapiro, completely disagreed with his former teammate and tried very hard to be nice about it. Nalen told Romanowski that it is actually the opposite that has to happen if the Broncos are going to go on a winning streak. Nalen said, and I’m paraphrasing again, that the best thing Fox and the coaches can do is just get out of Manning’s way.

It was the most interesting and insane ten minutes of radio I’ve listened to in a long time, it does make you wonder what was in those supplements? The bottom line is this; the Denver Broncos are going to go as far as Peyton Manning takes them. When Manning is your quarterback, you play to his strengths!

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