NFL Players Vote Tim Tebow Most Overrated Player For 2nd Year in a Row

By Jeff Shull
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

It would seem that the NFL players just love to pile it on the New York teams. Many players refuse to give the New York Giants much credit for what they’ve accomplished, and now the players have made another statement about New York Jets quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. According to a Sports Illustrated poll, Tebow was voted the most overrated player in the league, with Sanchez coming in right behind him in second.

It’s hard to believe the players have this much disrespect for both Tebow and Sanchez, but Tebow got a whopping 34 percent of a poll of 180 players that said he is the most overrated player. Sanchez was far behind him with just eight percent.

This marks the second straight year the same poll had Tebow on top of this list. Clearly, the players either have a personal vendetta against Tebow, or the more likely scenario is they are tired of “Tebow-mania.” Frankly I got sick of hearing about him as well.

That said, I’m not sure Tebow nor Sanchez belong on this list. Neither player is really built up and praised by a large majority of people. Even Jets fans will tell you they think Sanchez is awful. Don’t even get me started on the growing number of people who have very little faith in Tebow as a passer. In order to be overrated you have to have an overwhelming number of analysts or fans that believe you’re better than you truly are.

That is not even close to the case with Sanchez, and even the Tebow supporters can only harp on his ability to win games. The NFL players, and a lot of fans as well, sometimes confuse being overrated with just being bad.

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