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NFL Rumors: Cheating more widespread in NFL than we think

San Diego Chargers

Jake Roth-US Presswire

The San Diego Chargers were accused of using stickum in last week’s loss to the Denver Broncos. These allegations against San Diego wide receivers surfaced last week by a referee and have been a hot topic since they were presented to the public.

According to Mike Florio of, San Diego outside linebacker Shaun Phillips said “I’ve seen a lot of cheating in the NFL.  I don’t know that you could consider the use of Stickum to be cheating.”

Phillips continued by saying “But it always sucks because you never want to be cast as a cheater.  All you have to do is keep playing and do what you’re doing.  Let people say what they have to say and take care of your business.”

While Phillips makes some solid points, he is wrong in a sense that the use of stickum was banned by the NFL in 1981, so using it is considered cheating.

The New England Patriots recorded other teams at practices while New Orleans Saints general manger Mickey Loomis had allegedly wired a suite at the Superdome in New Orleans to eavesdrop on the opponents during games.

If the allegations against San Diego are true, it would not be the first time that cheating happened in the NFL, but that does not make it acceptable.

It was bad enough that San Diego blew a 24-0 halftime lead to Denver and lost 35-24, but this would add insult to injury.

San Diego needs to redeem themselves after their loss against Denver, but redeeming themselves from cheating could take some time.