NFL Rumors: The Arizona Cardinals Could Be Getting Key Players Back

By Kase Brammer
Anthony Sherman
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals are about to get a boost on their special teams squad this Monday night. Anthony Sherman and Reggie Walker should be back against the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman was out because of a knee problem and Walker suffered a concussion. Both players believe they are ready to go and so does the coach. What does this mean to the Cardinals?

Sherman and Walker are two the of the better special teams players on the Cardinals. Whisenhunt says he had to take players from other positions, which of course, diminished the level of play in most situations.  In addition to their special team duties,  Walker will return to the defense in nickel situations and Sherman will probably return to his fullback duties.

The Cardinals are starting to get healthy, but they host San Francisco in a must win situation. The 49ers defense is big and fast and their offense is going to try to give Frank Gore the ball til the defense breaks. If Gore doesn’t beat you, than Alex Smith can if he is on his game.

Smith can play really well in the right circumstances. He has a ton of talent at the receiver position, including, but not limited too, Randy Moss and Vernon Davis. I understand the Moss is old, but he is still one of my favorite receivers, so I try as hard as I can to mention him when possible. In a tight division like the NFC West, all divisional games are a must win. Don’t forget, with a win on Monday, the Cardinals will be tied for first place.

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