Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts: NFL Week 8 Preview

By Stephanie Umek
Michael Griffin and Alterraun Verner

It’s hard to believe but after this coming week of football finishes up, we will be half way through the 2012 NFL season. Not a bad time for the Tennessee Titans to really turn things around for their team.

Both the Titans and the Indianapolis Colts only have three wins on the season. However; with a bye week in play for the Colts, they are one up on the Titans in the loss column. This is why the game this coming Sunday is going to be so important. It’s a fight for the second spot in the division. With a win not only will the Titans have three wins in a row, they will also be well on their way to another winning season.

For the Colts it’s going to take a lot of figuring stuff out to beat the Titans. They are still trying to figure out their rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and what exactly he can execute like a professional.  The Titans of course also need to be aware of wide receiver Reggie Wayne who has 666 receiving yards on the season already. That’s almost double Nate Washington’s yards. (So far this season he has run for 374.)

Chris Johnson is hopefully back to his normal self after a rough couple of years. Last week against the Buffalo Bills he really took off without looking back…literally. The chemistry between him and Matt Hasselbeck has been unstoppable.

No matter the winner, both teams are sitting behind the best team in the division, and still arguably, the best team in the conference and league. It will be one thing to win against each other but the next step is the Houston Texans.

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