The New York Jets Quarterbacks Named Most Overrated

By Scott DelleFave
Sanchez, Mark and Tebow, Tim

Fresh off the wire from our friends at Sports Illustrated, a poll for the most overrated players in the NFL reveals that the top two were these guys: New York Jets quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez.

I agree to an extent that both of them are overrated. They were both picked in the first round of the NFL Draft, so the moniker as a bust will reign over both of their heads. That being said, I think Tebow is much more over-hyped than overrated, due to an overload of exposure (to say the least) since his freshman year of college at the University of Florida.

Sanchez in 54 games has thrown for 10,662 yards with 64 touchdowns and 58 interceptions with a career record of 30-24-0 since being drafted fifth overall in 2009. Those look like fairly good stats, but he hasn’t shown much signs of leadership due to Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan only giving him the captain’s patch this season for the first time–if that tells you anything about his leadership abilities. He should definitely be number one over Tebow for the sake of his draft status alone.

Speaking of Tebow, in 14 career starts while playing for the Denver Broncos, he amassed 2,383 yards with 17 touchdown passes and nine interceptions. These are not mind blowing stats by any stretch of the imagination as he is a run first quarterback between the running back corps and himself. In a stark comparison, I think Tebow has every leadership trait that Sanchez wishes he had to earn the respect of his teammates, the league and maybe even himself.

That’s just my take on this matter. What do you all think?

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