Tim Tebow Overrated? Impossible

By Christopher Gamble



Tim Tebow was voted the most overrated player in the NFL in a poll of 180 players conducted by Sports Illustrated.  However, in May, the NFL Network released a poll of players that ranked Tebow No. 95.

My question is, how can a backup quarterback be overrated?  If he isn’t good enough to start, something he isn’t doing, then how can he be overrated?  The answer might lie in the NFL players themselves who are not exactly the best judges in talent.  They see the media hype and automatically react to that.  They are playing the games, not watching them.

Interestingly enough, Mark Sanchez, the quarterback who starts ahead of Tebow on the New York Jets, was ranked number two on this list.  Once again, I think this list is biased because of the media attention the Jets receive and not a direct result of actual talent, although Sanchez has not exactly lived up to the hype that surrounded him as he entered the NFL Draft.

I just find it improbable that a guy who might see the field for ten or fifteen plays can be overrated.  It isn’t like he is starting ahead of someone who is better than him or being voted to Pro Bowls by fans.

Then again, these lists are dumb.  The only purpose they serve is to get the general public talking and to stir debate, sell magazines, and for people like me to write articles about it.

Personally, I would put several NFL players ahead of Tebow and ahead of Sanchez.  Philip Rivers would certainly rank ahead of those two in terms of being overhyped.  How about Chris Johnson who, with the exception of Week 7’s brilliant performance, has been grossly underachieving all year?  How about Michael Vick, who came in fourth on the list, or DeSean Jackson, two players that were supposed to take the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl?

Again, there is no rhyme or reason to these lists.  Usually it is the first player that comes to mind that is named and Tebow, despite not playing that much, seems to be in the news every day.

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