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Top 5 NFL Players I’d Pick a Fight With

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Who would you pick a fight with just to say you did?

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I would never win in a fight with an NFL player, not even a punter. However, there are some players in the league that you might want to upset or provoke for one reason or another. Some people are too famous for their own good, others just have a face that upsets you. Some, on the other hand, would just be a really cool story to tell your kids.

There are a lot of nice players in the NFL. Some are very soft spoken and humble. They may even help the opposing teams' players off the ground. Unfortunately, there are also a lot players that think their "bad". Players that will push off you when they get up instead of rolling to the side. They get in your face for no reason, like Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith, but hey, it's still part of the game. We forget that the NFL is a business. The Players are there to put on a show. Whether it's dancing in the end zone, taunting the other team, or signing a football with a sharpie you had in your sock the whole time.

These things were not always apart of the game, but they sure are now. They may be apart of the game, but we don't have to accept them. As fans, we have the right to hate players for no reason. However, we don't have to hate the player to want to pick a fight with them. Here are the top five NFL players I'd pick a fight with.

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5. New England Patriots Vince Wilfork


New England Patriots defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork is huge. Of course most, if not all, interior defensive linemen are gigantic, but it would be fun to tell your kids that you took a punch from a 325 pound NFL player. To add to that, Wilfork is a 4 time Pro Bowl selection and Super Bowl winner. His ability to stop the run would come in handy because, most likely, I'd throw one punch and run away as fast as I possibly could. Unfortunately, he would probably still catch me. In the end, it would be totally worth it.

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4. Chicago Bears Jay Cutler


Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is just one of those guys that is hard to like. There are other players in the NFL that I dislike more than Cutler. However, when I see him moping on the sidelines, I think it would be fun to make fun of him till he wanted to fight me. Cutler probably wouldn't even raise an eyebrow at me though. He may react to a lot of stuff, but he still takes criticism quite well. His thick skin would not stop me from throwing everything I had at him.

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3. New York Jets Tim Tebow


New York Jets QB Tim Tebow is one of the nicest people in the NFL. He tries hard, he has faith, and he has a following. That wouldn't stop "this guy" from trying to get in his head. I can just see the headline now, "Tim Tebow Punches a Fat Guy". I have never understood why someone with so little natural talent for the quarterback position would want to play there. Of course, there is the argument that he knows how to win games, but he should move to a position where his skills are better served, like punter.

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2. New York Giants Eli Manning


Let me start this off by saying I enjoy Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. I do not like New York Giants QB Eli Manning. I want to see Peyton succeed until he is 40, but for some reason I just want Eli to quit football. As a fan, I am entitled to strongly dislike, even hate, players for no reason. Eli tops that particular list. He is the youngest brother in his family, something I can relate to, but if I were to come face to face with Eli, I feel like I would subtly make fun of him until he tried to punch me right in the face. After taking the punch, I'd probably make fun of him for punching like a 95 year old person, hopefully making him more mad.

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1. Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis


Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis may be the "baddest" man to ever step onto an NFL field. I would pick a fight with him just to tell the story. Lewis is known for his the inspiration he provides his team before each game and of course his skills on the field. I bet if the cops showed up while he was beating my face into the ground, he'd get them so pumped they would join in. I was very upset to hear that he will be out for the season, maybe even his career. I hope he comes back, but either way, I wouldn't hesitate to throw a few verbal jabs his way in hopes of provoking the 13 time Pro Bowler.