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Which Green Bay Packer Has the Best Dreadlocks?

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9 Best Dreadlocks on the Green Bay Packers

Bruce Kluckhohn - US PRESSWIRE

The NFL has no shortage for men who have recognizable hair. Troy Polamalu’s mane is Head and Shoulders-insured; Clay Matthews’ long, flowing, golden tresses earned him his own shampoo deal; Domata Peko hair might have something living in it. Some guys like to shave their team logos into their heads. Jared Allen rocked a mullet for a while. Last year, Torrey Smith was tackled by his hair in one of the most cringe-inducing plays you’ll ever see. There are more than a few guys in the league you can instantly identify by their distinct hair.

It used to be that way with the Green Bay Packers. Cornerback extraordinaire Tramon Williams was identifiable by his dreadlocks, but then Morgan Burnett started seeing some playing time. And Erik Walden. And M.D. Jennings. It got confusing. All of sudden, I couldn’t tell half the players apart because their dreadlocks covered the name on the back of their jerseys. So I decided I needed to study the nuanced differences in their similar-from-a-distance hair.

I understand that dreadlocks aren’t exactly a rare style to rock in the NFL, but there’s no denying that the Packers lead the league in most be-dreadlocked players (*stat unofficial). Here’s a handy dandy slideshow that will not only help you to know the who’s-who of Packer players when they’re running around the field and all you can see is a Green and Gold streak with dreads flying behind them, but it will also answer the age old question of every sports fan: which Green Bay Packer has the best dreads?

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9. Alex Green

Scott Kane - US Presswire

The second-year running back gets a low ranking because I am not digging the blond dyed ends. The dye job is uneven and unflattering, but I’m sure Green can at least sympathize with the difficulties of growing out a bad dye. He should just clip off the ends.

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8. Davon House

Jeff Curry - US Presswire

The rookie cornerback would be dead last except that Green’s mustard-colored ends are too ugly to look at. House’s are short, scraggly, uneven, and of varying thickness. Disappointing all around.

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7. Erik Walden

Mary Langenfield - US Presswire

The linebacker’s dreadlocks aren’t terrible. They have nice length and fullness, but, again, different thickness of the dreads, which bothers me a lot.

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6. M.D. Jennings

Jeff Hanisch - US PRESSWIRE

The safety’s dreads are okay, but nothing more. The real strike against him is the frizziness, which gives him an overall messy look.

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5. Morgan Burnett

Dennis Wierzbicki - US Presswire

Burnett scores high as his locks maintain a nice, even length. His dreads have a nice little wave to them that sets him apart.

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4. Cedric Benson

Frank Victores - US Presswire

The veteran running back rocks a shorter style than the others on the list, but he wins points for keeping them nice, clean, and trim. Unlike some players, his hair doesn’t overwhelm his face.

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3. Terrell Manning

Frank Victores - US Presswire

The rookie ranks this high because his dreads are very full. Some guys’ dreadlocks can make their hair look thin and sparse, but not Manning’s. He has enough dreads for two heads.

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2. Jerron McMillian

Jeff Hanisch - US PRESSWIRE

McMillian grabs the second spot on sheer length. His locks cover not only the name on the back of his jersey but almost his entire number!

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1. Tramon Williams

Thomas Campbell - US Presswire

The number one spot can only go to Tramon Williams. His dreads are even, kempt, and consistent in length and thickness - everything dreadlocks should be. He scores high for their perfect length. They're long enough to make him noticeable, but not long enough to totally obscure his name when he’s flying around the field intercepting passes, breaking up plays, and generally being a stud.