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Baltimore Ravens Fined $20,000 Over Injury Report


Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

As if the recent rash of injuries wasn’t bad enough for the Baltimore Ravens, now even the walking wounded who can play are costing the Ravens.

In this case, instead of costing the Ravens on the field, which has been happening frequently of late, the cost is in actual dollars.

A few weeks back, safety Ed Reed made a comment to a local Baltimore radio station about how he has been playing with a torn labrum. He then commented how it wasn’t really bothering him, but that it could be affecting his play.

That admission was a big no-no as the NFL takes the injury report process extremely seriously. The veteran Pro Bowl safety was not listed on the injury report for the week of his injury admission which immediately raised some red flags around the league.

Last week the league fined the Washington Redskins for not disclosing injury information on Robert Griffin III (head/ribs), and also fined the Buffalo Bills for not disclosing injury information on Mario Williams (wrist), so the writing appeared to be on the wall for Reed and the Ravens.

The $20,000 fine levied on the Ravens was the same amount the Redskins and Bills had to pay for their injury report transgressions.

The Ravens were obviously not thrilled that Reed divulged this information, as they knew a fine would most likely follow Reed’s comments.

This fine is another brick in the wall of the Ravens’ recent problems.

First it was the injury bug rearing its ugly head, as Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis were lost for the season. Then came an embarrassing loss in a highly-touted match-up against the AFC’s only other team over .500 at the time, the Houston Texans.

Now in the wake of the fine and misinformation, expect the league to keep a closer eye on the Ravens’ weekly injury report.

As if the Ravens needed more to worry about besides their matador-like defense and sinking offense, now they must worry about the judge, jury and executioner Roger Goodell keeping close tabs on their injury report.

Things were already headed in the wrong direction for the Ravens as they lick their wounds during this, their bye week. At this point the Ravens would be best served to keep a low profile and figure out how to turn things around. As the season hangs in the balance, this is just one more distraction that may continue to drag the Ravens down.

Time will tell if the Ravens can come out of the tailspin they are currently in. The only thing we do know is that their pocketbook will be $20,000 lighter.