Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants: Eli Manning Never Has to Seek Revenge

By Timothy Holland
Anthony Gruppuso- US PRESSWIRE

Someone on a major sports network wants us to believe that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will be looking to exact revenge on the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. The truth is Manning does not have to exact revenge on anyone, much less the Cowboys.

Since joining the Giants in 2004, Manning has taken them to the playoffs five times. New York has gone 8-3 in the post season with him at quarterback. The Giants have won two NFC East titles. To top it off, New York won the Super Bowl in 2007 and 2011.

In this same time period, Dallas has been to the playoffs three times. They have two division titles. The Cowboys have won a grand total of one playoff game. In their only playoff meeting with the Giants Dallas lost 21-17 in 2007. The Cowboys were East division champions that season and the number one seed in the NFC.

There has never been a time when Manning has had to exact revenge on Dallas. All of that went out the window in 2007. From that playoff game on it is the Cowboys who have been chasing after Manning.

The Cowboys had a chance to put New York away last season. With four weeks to go Dallas led the NFC East with a 7-5 record. All that they had to do was beat the Giants in a week 14 contest at home and New York was done. The Cowboys blew a 12 a point lead in the final six minutes and lost 37-34. The defeat dropped Dallas to 7-6 and put the Giants in first place.

Three weeks later the obvious occurred. Dallas went into New York with the division title and a playoff birth on the line. The Cowboys left having lost everything in the span of three hours. The Giants defeated Dallas 31-14 to win the East. Five weeks later Manning was hoisting his second Vince Lombardi Trophy in five years.

With this recent history how can anyone say that Manning is looking to exact revenge on the Cowboys? He has absolutely nothing to prove to them. One opening day regular season defeat to Dallas does nothing to wipe out eight previous years of success. Even if the Giants lose Sunday Manning is still way ahead of the Cowboys.

It is true that Dallas won their last meeting. The Cowboys outplayed New York on opening day. However, to say that Manning is looking for revenge against Dallas is absurd.

He has the hardware that no one in blue and silver owns. Manning is the hunted not the hunter. The hunted never has to exact revenge. They have already proven their worth.

If anyone seeks revenge in Cowboys vs. Giants, it is not Manning; it’s Dallas.

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