NFL Rumors: Could The New York Giants Be Without Ahmad Bradshaw Sunday?

By jason evans

When you play a team that’s probably your biggest rival, you want all hands on deck. You want all your important players to be healthy and active to face that team. The New York Giants may not have one of their big players, though. Ahmad Bradshaw hasn’t practiced all week and that trend continued on Friday.

Of course Bradshaw has a history of not practicing during the week then going all out and playing on Sunday, so it wouldn’t shock me if he ended up playing. However, how effective will he be without practicing?

Bradshaw has had lingering foot problems throughout his career and those problems are again rearing its ugly head. Bradshaw got stepped on a couple of weeks ago against the San Francisco 49ers and his foot has been a problem ever since.

Bradshaw says he doesn’t feel it when he’s out there due to the adrenaline of playing. He’s also trying to protect it from getting injured any further during the week because after we are just talking about practice right?

If Bradshaw somehow can’t play or is limited, look for Andre Brown and/or David Wilson (aka Mr. 99% Effective) to have an increased role in the offense. They may have one anyway if Bradshaw isn’t 100% and coach Tom Coughlin will pick and choose his spots about which running back to use.

Bradshaw hurt in any way impacts the offense. This offense is clearly better when they have an effective running game and Bradshaw injured hampers that. It will be something to watch as we get closer to kickoff.


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