NFL Rumors: Daniel Thomas is Actually Okay

By Craig Ballard

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The word from the Miami Dolphins was that 2nd year RB Daniel Thomas had suffered 2 concussions in the past 5 weeks. He passed the concussion tests and likely could have played vs the St. Louis Rams, but he was help out for precautionary measures.

He will now wear a helmet with extra padding like QBs wear, and players who get really physical like Jorvorskie Lane.

Now the word is that Thomas did not suffer a 2nd concussion in the Cincinnati Bengals game. The story goes that Thomas took a big hit from Rey Maualuga, and he was feeling the effects of the hit, but he was about to get up when a referee told him to remain down until the training staff could get to him.

On the sidelines Thomas apparently passed the concussion tests, but was help out from returning for precautions. The trainers said Thomas was slow to get up so he should be help out from returning to the game, but it looks like he stayed down as a result of instructions from the ref.

Despite passing the concussion tests the next week Thomas was help out of the Rams game, but it is starting to look like he was okay the entire time.

The NFL would surely prefer that teams err on the side of caution these days when it comes to injuries (especially head injuries) and it looks like that may have happened here with Thomas.

He is still going to wear the helmet with the extra padding (his teammates are already all over that one with the sort of jokes that teammates make) and I think that is for the best. Thomas’ size and running style seem to put his head in harm’s way too often so I am all for technology helping him out.

Thomas is trying to provide the thunder to Reggie Bush‘s lightning so he runs very physically and tries to be difficult to bring down. Injuries have slowed his career, but it looks like his concussion issues are not as serious as we thought (2 concussions in 5 weeks is bad, and wreaks of potential to have long-term consequences) for all of my free/daily Miami Dolphins articles

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