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NFL Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers to wear 1934 Throwback Uniforms against Washington Redskins

Pittsburgh Steelers

Mitch Stringer-US Presswire

I am all for nostalgia. I love music from the 80′s, and I am pretty sure I still own some acid wash jeans. But as cool as Duran Duran and tight rolled jeans were, sometimes going throwback is a bad thing. Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers will get a taste of that firsthand this weekend as it was announced today that the Steelers will be sporting throwback jerseys from the 1934 season. Be afraid.

The Steelers are celebrating their 80th year as a franchise, and so to celebrate that milestone, Steelers owner Art Rooney II is going to dress the players up this weekend in these old uniforms. Let me try and explain what they entail. They are tan pants, with wide horizontal black and yellow striped socks, and a jersey that consists of wide horizontal yellow and black stripes, black numbers framed in white boxes, and a crest of the city of Pittsburgh on the left shoulder.

I’ve always been a fan of throwback uniforms. Some teams have great ones. Many NFL teams don’t “throw back” quite so far, so I get to be a little nostalgic myself and remember the NFL I grew up with. But the only people who’ll recognize these uniforms from when they are originally worn probably won’t be watching from their nursing home.

But worse than them being too old to be relevant to fans, they are hideous. I’m sorry I didn’t have a pic to put up in this article, but perhaps you will thank me some day. The best way I can describe them is a combination of an old timey prison uniform mixed with a bumblebee. And the numbers make me feel like everyone wearing them must be registered for a local penitentiary  5k run.

While it will be painful to watch, the hypnotizing patterns might confuse the Washington Redskins and be the Steelers secret weapon. At the worst the Redskins players might be too busy laughing and mocking the Steelers to make any plays. So beware Steelers fans, and do not adjust the picture on your TV when you see these things. But maybe if we can get through this we can convince the ownership to bring back block numbers.

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