The Atlanta Falcons Need Home Field Advantage Throughout Playoffs

Josh D. Weiss-US Presswire

If you pay the media any attention, most of them say the Atlanta Falcons are only the best team in the NFL because they have the best record. Others say while they may have the best record, they are not the best team. Most of these “experts” give that title to the Houston Texans who separated themselves from the rest of the mediocre AFC by giving a banged up Baltimore Ravens squad a Texas-sized beat down. Regardless of what the analysts say, Atlanta must keep their eyes firmly set on home field advantage in the NFC.

Unless a series of unfortunate events beset the Falcons, they will be in the playoffs. The question now is can they snatch home field advantage throughout the playoffs or not? It can be argued that it does not matter because Atlanta bombed at home last year against the New York Giants. But hey, those guys went on to win the Super Bowl. Unlike the Giants, who have proven in the playoffs they can win anywhere, the Falcons must nab home field advantage throughout the playoffs in order to have a chance to get to get that illusive playoff W and advance.

While the Falcons are undefeated, there are a few teams who are waiting to clip Atlanta’s wings. Of course, the aforementioned Giants, the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers, who are all currently sitting atop their respective divisions. But even those teams cannot afford to slip up in their divisions, like the Falcons can in a seriously weak NFC South division. But who knows, the New Orleans Saints could rise from the dead and make things interesting.

Nevertheless, the Falcons faithful believe the same way they did in 1998 (man, that was a long time ago!) when they made their Super Bowl run. There’s no place like home and Matt Ryan and crew know they will need fan support to carry them into the playoff promised land, especially if they end up facing the Giants in the NFC championship game.

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