Chicago Bears May Have Struck Gold In Phil Emery


It would be remiss of me not to admit that, when the news of the Chicago Bears hiring Phil Emery as the new General Manager, I was uninspired but not at all surprised – the guy had classic Bears hire written all over him.

At the time the usual rhetoric out of Ted Phillips, and now George Macaskey Jr left me angry at what I perceived to be a complete lack of vision to the future, and left me thinking “I just hope this pans out”.

How wrong I was. Emery has done a brilliant job since taking the reins: the Brandon Marshall trade from the Miami Dolphins was crazy cheap and an inspired move. He went out and did what no bears GM in my lifetime (possibly ever) has done – got himself a bonafide number one wide receiver.

What impressed me was he did it so quitely; I never dreamed the old Denver Broncos band of Jay Cutler, Marshall and Jeremy Bates would be reunited – I thought the Dolphins would simply want far too much of a kings ransom for the move to be viable.

Whilst the Bears offense hasn’t reached its full potential by any means, as a unit they are gelling on a week-to-week basis.

During the offseason the biggest black mark against Emery was his lack of movement along the offensive line – which, after the cutting of LT Chris Williams (a no brainer), boasts the last of the terrible reign of Jerry Angelo first-round draft picks in the form of Gabe Carimi.

I am still extremely worried that more attention was not paid to this unit in the off-season, although Emery should be commended for picking up LG Chilo Rachal in free agency; he has solidified the line since usurping Chris Spencer in week four.

Whilst it is obvious that Emery still has more work to do in improving this team, he did draft well in the higher rounds, taking rookies Shea McClellin and Alshon Jeffery (in my opinion the steal of the draft). However, with only three of his six picks still active on the roster, his drafting in the later rounds will need to improve moving forward.

All in all, Emery has shown more than I had hoped for in a new GM (if not a little bit more) and I look forward to a long and successful era of Bears football under his watchful gaze.

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