What I Hope The Miami Dolphins Learned From Previous Jets Game

By Craig Ballard
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We are hours away from Miami Dolphins vs New York Jetspart II. This article is a look at what we hope the ‘Phins learned from game one. That game was remarkably even, but it was the J-E-T-S JETS-JETS-JETS who got the victory.

Each team ran 79 plays in that week three game. The Jets totaled seven more yards than Miami, and had the ball for less than two minutes more than Miami. Wow, extremely even game.

For one thing, I would assume that defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle has his secondary ready for a ton of action this weekend. The Dolphins rush-D has been superb, and the Jets managed a measly three first-downs on the ground, but they were successful through the air with 14 passing first-downs.

Mark Sanchez is completing about 53% of his passes, but the last two weeks he has been well above that. He even went off for a season-high 328 last week vs the New England Patriots.

In their week three match-up Sanchez threw a season-high 45 passes (2nd most in his career). I would anticipate that Tony Sparano will abandon the Jets preferred style of ground-and-pound because runs are just not available vs this Dolphins D.

The Miami passing game was uninspired week three. They averaged a mere 5.4 yards per pass which tells the story of nothing but short passes. Since then Brian Hartline and Davone Bess have been very good, and we hope to see the debut of Jabar Gaffney as Miami will require plays through the air in this one.

Reggie Bush will want to have a massive game, but you never know with this Jets D.

I would anticipate that Miami will require multiple passing TDs in this game so Ryan Tannehill will have to continue his improved play. A big part of that is his decision-making. Tannehill threw a pick-six to start the second half in that week three game. It was a terrible throw and a terrible decision which ultimately turned a halftime lead into a tie game, and gave the Jets life when they looked extremely beatable in the first half.

Miami is 3-0 in games where Tannehill does not throw an INT, but no turnovers against the Jets are a must. Despite the Jets improved play on offense the past two weeks, they still are a team that requires a ton from their defense. Miami already knows that mistakes on offense = losing to the Jets.

Another thing that stood out for me in that previous game was that the Jets scouted the Dolphins very well and knew what they were going to try in specific situations. The Jets had big plays more than once when they guessed accurately what Miami was going to try to do. Coming off a bye week, I would anticipate that Joe Philbin and staff have implemented a few wrinkles to throw off the Jets on Sunday.

In particular I think we see a few deep passes (potentially off play-action) and on defense I think we will see a lot more of blitz-looks that end up being coverage schemes (LBs and safeties creeping up to the line of scrimmage as if they are blitzing, only to actually fall back in coverage). I also wonder if we see some d-lineman drop in pass-coverage on a play or two to try to disrupt the quick slants the Jets throw against Miami in key situations. The Jets beat Miami on the strength of their quick slants.

Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it!

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