Broncos CB Tracy Porter Should Not Play vs Saints

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

There is a part of NFL tradition that loves to see the storylines and personal battles become just as big, and in some cases, bigger than the game itself.  Although tonight’s matchup of the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints is not considered a tremendous rivalry, there are plenty of those storylines to keep the interest of what has become one of the most talked about games this week.

One of the biggest stories is that of Broncos CB Tracy Porter, who is an ex-Saints player that picked off Peyton Manning in the 2010 Super Bowl and basically solidified the win for Drew Brees and Who Dat Nation.  Now Manning is with the Broncos, the Saints are without their head coach and several others due to the BountyGate scandal, and Porter is listed as questionable for the Sunday Night Showdown with symptoms of a seizure.

Porter experienced what doctors noted as a seizure before a preseason game in August, and did not play in the Broncos last game before the bye against the San Diego Chargers.  Now there are reports that the symptoms might even be those related to vertigo.  As someone who has issues with vertigo, which is a condition where you experience extreme dizziness, nausea, disorientation and difficulty walking, there is no way that I’d be able to play an NFL game or even a game of horseshoes in the backyard.

If this is the case for Porter, then at least vertigo can be contained with medicine.  But if another seizure happens , then for Porter’s long-term safety and health, it might be wise to consider a career change.  Porter should not be concerned with this game of storylines and personal battles, as he has his own personal battle to deal with at this time.

Stay home, Tracy.  Get well, and give yourself the chance to get back on the field the right way if you can.  Your health is more important than an INT of Brees.  Don’t worry, the secondary is in good hands with Chris Harris and Tony Carter and the rest of your Broncos teammates.



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