Indianapolis Colts: Game Shouldn't Have Came Down to OT Heroics

By Eric Smith

The Indianapolis Colts’ 19-13 win over the Tennessee Titans was a great emotional win for the franchise. This was the win they needed on the road to finally get over the hump. The Colts haven’t won a road game since December 26th, 2010 at the Oakland Raiders.

It looked like for most of this game they would let another one slip away.

The Colts were in the drivers seat for all 60 minutes of regulation and the lone possession of the overtime period. If it wasn’t for four costly mistakes, the Colts would at least have added 12 points to the scoreboard and never have been in the situation to begin with.

After the score was tied at three after both teams had a possession, the Colts were well in field goal distance and looking to grab the lead again. On second down, Donnie Avery made a bonehead move on a chop block and the 15 yard penalty put the Colts outside of field goal range. Instead of three points, they were left with zero and a punt.

On the final drive before half, Avery once again nearly cost the Colts dearly. The receiver stopped his route for some reason on the last offensive heave and Andrew Luck nearly threw and interception. I have no clue why Avery would stop short of the endzone when the play had to be a touchdown as the Colts has no timeouts left. The Colts were left for a chip shot field goal by Adam Vinatieri to cut the deficit to from 10-3 to 10-6. Instead, rookie tight end Dwayne Allen missed a block and allowed Michael Griffin to block Vinatieri’s kick and left the Colts without points on the scoreboard.

To start the second half, the Colts were in scoring distance again and looking to at least put points on the board, but Luck misthrew a ball to Reggie Wayne in the endzone and was picked off by Griffin. That again kept crucial points off the board as the Colts needed them dearly.

The fourth missed opportunity on offense came in the fourth quarter when the Colts had a nice run by Vick Ballard to put them in scoring distance yet again. The play was negated due to a bonehead move on center Samson Satele to get an unnecessary roughness penalty and put the Colts back to midfield. Indianapolis left points off the board again as I honestly thought they would lose this game at that point. You should never leave four possessions worth of points off the board when you already were in scoring distance. That will never get a win on the road.

Add that to Tennessee’s four 15-yard penalties today with three of them coming on clear offensive penalty calls, a missed field goal, and a crucial offsides penalty when Colts running back Ballard fumbled and the Titans were trying to give the game away. The Colts didn’t want to take it, but were forced to at the end when the Titans self destructed once again.

They always say talent rises to the top as the game goes on. Guess they’re right.

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