Indianapolis Colts: Vick Ballard's Circus Touchdown Play of the Year

By Eric Smith

The Indianapolis Colts were facing 2nd and 10 from the Tennessee Titans 16-yard line. The Colts haven’t won a road game since December 26th, 2010 and were in striking distance of ending that in overtime. Indianapolis turned a new leaf in rushing for nearly 200 yards on the ground today and were picking apart the Titans defense on the ground in overtime.

The Colts rushed seven times for 39  yards on the game winning drive and set-up a beautiful play action scenario for Andrew Luck. Just two plays prior to the game winning score, Luck hit Reggie Wayne for a big 20 yard passing play on 3rd and 8 to keep the drive alive and secure the Colts would at least get a field goal to possibly win the game.

That all set up the playaction and pass to Vick Ballard on the opposite side where everyone was looking and Ballard took the ball to the Titans’ four yard line and made a torpedo type jumping apparatus at the pylon. Ballard’s helmet hit the pylon and took three defenders with him on the score to help the Colts secure their first road win in the Luck era and improve to 4-3 on the season.

Many Titans fans will be left with a bitter taste in their mouth as they’re going to blame the refs for the loss. Reality is tight end Dwayne Allen’s progress was stopped when he looked to fumble the ball which secure the game would go to overtime. If the play was reviewed and reversed the Titans would have taken over with less than 20 seconds left well into field goal range.

The ball turned out not to lie as the Colts got an emotional victory that could give them the momentum to the playoffs. The Ballard play could be the play of the year though. What a jump, effort, and nice play call. This play will be shown for a long time in Colts’ highlight films.


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