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Is it safe for Jake Locker to return to the Field now for the Titans?

Tennessee Titans Defense against Colts


Usually in sports, baseball players are the most superstitious, however for the past two weeks, many people saw a difference in the playing for the Tennessee Titans. That difference was Matt Hasselbeck. The Titans were able to grab two of their three wins of the season behind the leadership of the veteran quarterback.

However with Sunday’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts, it’s a wonder now if the Titans will revert directly back to rookie Jake Locker, considering that his shoulder seems to be healing at a good pace.

It’s not to say either that Hasselbeck didn’t have a good game. He went 22-for 29 with 236 passing yards. It’s just a matter of saying that just because he was the one in the pocket doesn’t mean he is the reason that the Titans have been winning. Oh and by the way, Chris Johnson is less than 100 yards rushing.

So the Titans won’t grab that number two spot in the AFC South, but the good thing is that the season is only half over. The bad thing, is that they wasted eight weeks trying to put together a winning record. No the conference isn’t the best this year as far as records go, but despite the overall records of the teams, in the end, making your way to the top of the division is playoff necessary. Especially when the team that leads your division is the Houston Texans.

Next week the Titans won’t get a break, they will host the solid Chicago Bears team who improved to 6-1 with a win over the Carolina Panthers.