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NFL Week 8: Jay Cutler Steps Up In Crunch Time For Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears‘ 23-22 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday was an ugly one. A win is a win, but you’d prefer it come a bit easier than that against a team that now sits at 1-6.

From the playcalling, to the sacks, to the defense’s failure to stop the Panthers consistently, it was ugly. Up until the latter half of the fourth quarter, it looked like a game that the Bears really didn’t deserve to win. It was a trap game, and the Bears found themselves trapped.

But that awakening by the Bears in the second half of the game’s final frame was fueled brilliance from Jay Cutler. After taking hits all day, including six sacks in the first half, receiving boos from the fans, and being caught on camera with yet another taboo, Cutler stepped his game up when it mattered most.

Down 19-7 in the fourth and the offense looking stagnant as ever, Cutler orchestrated a drive to bring the Bears within five. That drive was capped with a beautiful dart of a 12-yard touchdown pass. Tim Jennings gave the Bears the lead with yet another pick-six before the Panthers took the lead again by two.

On the final drive for the Bears, Cutler was quick and efficient. He completed all but one of his seven passes, capping a fourth quarter that resulted in just two missed completions. His overall numbers on the day were solid, at least as far as his completion percentage goes.

We haven’t seen too much of Cutler in this type of situation, and with how the offense had been performing no one was really expecting as successful a drive as it was. But it was good to see Cutler rebound from a disappointing performance to pull the win out to move the Bears to 6-1.

Now about those halftime comments…