Tony Romo: The NFL’s most bipolar quarterback

Tony Romo

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There’s no denying that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has talent.

When he’s on his game, Romo is one of the best that the NFL has to offer. With a strong arm, plenty of accuracy and the swagger that an NFL quarterback must carry himself with, Romo offers all of the tools to make the Cowboys a consistent contender. The problem, though, is how bipolar of a passer he can be.

When he isn’t on his game, Romo is a turnover machine who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. At his worst, Romo makes mistakes that most coaches would see as unforgiveable coming from a lesser quarterback. The interceptions come early and often in between the incompletions, which also come in bunches. Put simply, when Romo is bad, he’s horrid.

Still, the Cowboys continue to put their playoff hopes in his hands. And almost like karma coming back to bite them in the behind, Romo continues to let opportunities for wins go to waste.

Take this past Sunday’s loss for example. When the Cowboys hosted the New York Giants, they had plenty to gain by winning their second contest of the season with their NFC East rivals. Although the defense stepped up and kept the New York offense contained, Romo and offense made way too many mistakes.

Despite his 426 passing yards and impressive second-half performance, Romo threw an astounding four interceptions on the game. When he wasn’t throwing interceptions, he was missing open targets and overthrowing receivers like he was still playing Pee Wee football. He made plays from time to time, but when the pressure was on and the throws needed to be made, Romo choked. That’s why the Cowboys fell short, losing 29-24.

It’s no secret that Romo has had his fair share of struggles as an NFL quarterback. I’m sure we all remember the 2007 Playoffs fiasco when he bobbled a snap and cost his team a shot at the game-winning field goal against the Seattle Seahawks. Or how about his untimely interception against the Giants in the 2008 playoffs?

There have been plenty of costly mistakes from Romo since then and there will certainly be more before he hangs up his cleats. There will also be plenty of spectacular plays interspersed between now and then.

The point being: you never know what to expect from Romo, and that’s why the Cowboys have never taken a trip to the Super Bowl under his leadership. His inconsistency and inability to deliver during crunch time has left the Cowboys with a poor winning percentage during the months of November and December. That effectively leaves them with minimal playoff appearances and minimal success when they do find themselves playing in the postseason.

Until Romo can develop some sort of reliability for the Cowboys, they better get used to falling short of expectations on an annual basis.

Romo: the Cowboys’ crippling case of bipolar disorder.

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